Just the Usual

img_2075We have a lovely five mile run that goes from the house. I often do it with my running friends. And now the boys are old enough to leave without supervision, I’ve started doing it with my wonderful husband.

I created the route many years ago and it’s funny to think that it was once referred to as “the long run”.

Now we sort of laugh at it when we do it cause it’s the bog standard five miles when you can’t think of a more imaginative run.

But it’s actually a lovely run with beautiful views and not too much climb. It’s a perfect run.

My yoga teacher says you shouldn’t do the same run, the same way round, over and over again because of yin and yang. She said you should change the direction from clockwise to anti and vice versa.

We still usually go the same way round

We are so fortunate to have such places and the ability to run round them. Even if it’s rather slowly.

I was looking for swimming holes in the beck. I didn’t find many.

More Moors

Had a rainy and windy run round Walshaw Moor yesterday.  This included Crow Hill, the Alcomden Stones and Ponden Kirk.

It involves quite a bit of heather and bog jumping in between secret grouse shooting tracks and paths.

It appears to be total wilderness …….although after getting home and reading Inglorious by Mark Avery (which I have meant to read for ages) I am looking at the moors in a different light.

Still Swimming

We’re still swimming. The last couple of times my sister has gone in without a wetsuit. She says it doesn’t have the same effect without a wet suit and yes she is correct. It feels very easy with a wet suit. You hardly feel the cold and you definitely don’t get the endorphins and shakes afterwards. It’s much easier to recover .

that said I’ve continued to wear a wet suit  partly cause it’s so much easier and partly to keep an eye on my little sister after the falling back in incident.

She thinks it’s hilarious and calls me the swimming enabler. I even helped someone off with their neoprene sock last week. img_2036img_2068



A sunny Saturday was a treat on the first day of half term. I’ve been reading my West Yorks Moors book again and went off to look for some paths. Some were more defined than others. But I found everything I had planned to and it was so uplifting to run around by myself, in the sunshine, in the wilderness.



No rests allowed, so today we went off for a dip with the only concession being that we wore wetsuits.

It is quite different wearing a wetsuit. It’s still cold when you get in. A feeling which quickly goes away as your body goes numb.

But getting out is a new experience.  You don’t feel like you are on the edge of dying due to hyperthermic limbs that don’t work, which is good because it takes so long to get the wetsuit over your feet.

I’m sure the endorphins won’t be the same,  although we still had the same hilarity at the walkers’ incredulous greetings as they surveyed our dry robe outfits.

My sister will be glad I’m blogging about her swimming exploits. Maybe I should call the blog, “Adventures of a home made dryrobe”.